Pays for it's self
in roughly 1 year
Lasts 25 times longer
*than traditional light bulbs
2 Year Warranty
Reduces your
electricity bill
Up to 92%
more efficient
*than traditional light bulbs
Same light colour
*as traditional light bulbs
We started Envirolight in 2016 as we wanted to make fun, affordable LED lightbulbs that would reduce your electricity usage.

Envirolight uses up to 92% less electricity and lasts 25 times longer than traditional light bulbs. Your electricity savings pay for the cost of switching to Envirolight in approximately one year which means after the first year you will be saving yourself money over the enormous lifetime of our products.

Our colourful packaging isn’t just for looks, our products are colour coded and clearly show which traditional light bulbs our vastly superior LEDs replace!

Save Electricity, Save Money, Save the Environment

2016 Catalogue

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